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It was with much sadness that EKR ceased transmissions at the end of October 2015. Despite attracting unprecedented levels of listening for an internet radio station, it proved impossible to translate this into a financially sustainable service.

Many thanks to all of our loyal listeners who we suspect will be almost as disappointed as the EKR Network team.
November will be a busy time closing down the company that ran the EKR Network. Some of those involved with the various streams will be considering if anything can be resurrected outside of what was the EKR Network. This is what we know so far:

Richard Gilvan has officially purchased The Ice Stream from the demised company. The station is currently running a temporary service at and it is hoped that a fully revived service and web site (free of EKR branding) will be operational before Christmas 2015. The station has a long history and previously ran independently before the EKR Network was created.

Gotdon Sommerville has now officially purchased and Rocky. He proposes to set up a tribute site and revive Rocky at some point in 2016.

The email will remain operational for a short period. This is open to any ideas which can be distributed to the relevant past members of the EKR Network and other interested parties.