Gothic Resurgence

As much as it saddened us here at The Rock Stream (and particularly our boss) 2016 was probably the most lacklustre year for Symphonic Rock in a decade. Established bands were beginning to sound a little “tired” and the number of new entrants into the arena dwindled to a pitiful number. Had “Sympho” had its day we wondered? We were, therefore, greatly relieved when we came across the new album “The Butterfly Raiser” by the reformed Bare Infinity on its release in March 2017. The album is the freshest slant on the genre we have heard in a long time and many of the tracks deserve a place on our featured album playlist which is where you will now find them!

Bare Infinity has been around in various guises since 2003. Formed by Thomas Papadopoulos in Athens, the band started off as being one of the very first Female Fronted metal bands in Athens
featuring Christiana Hatzimihal. The band’s popularity peaked when they were asked to represent Greece at Italy’s Gothic convention in Bologna and also to open for Epica at the band’s first ever show in Greece.

In 2009, the band parted ways with their founding singer Christianna who left to join Elysion. She was eventually replaced by Angel and the band released two albums with her, “Always Forever” and “The Passage” in 2009 and 2011. The Passage was hailed as one of the year’s best releases and led to an appearance at the MFVF festival in Belgium making Bare Infinity the first Greek band to participate in the 10 years of the Festival. In 2012, after a great show with Firewind in Athens, Bare Infinity disbanded and was put on hold indefinitely.

Two years passed and Thomas got the music bug once again and announced he wanted to get a new incarnation of the band together and began auditions for a new vocalist. Eventually he picked Ida Elena from Italy who had spent 7 years studying at the Academy of Drama and Musical Techniques where she earned a degree.

Initially, Ida had thought she wanted to be an actress and began performing in theatres throughout Italy. But when she was invited by Italian National Television to sing in front of an audience of 2 million, she realised she wanted to sing more than anything else. As a result, she joined rock band The Dark Side of Venus as well as a Blackmore’s Night Tribute Band. This inspired her to travel to Germany to see a real Blackmore’s Night gig, where she met historical instruments expert Albert Dannemann. Together the two founded the Folk/Celtic duo Fairy Dream and they toured much of Germany and other European cities. During this time Ida met the soprano Gaby Koss (Ex Haggard and Cantus Lunaris) which resulted in a new collaboration for her solo project as well as some work with Cantus Lunaris itself which suited her unique flexible mezzo-soprano voice. With Cantus Lunaris she again toured throughout Europe in 2013 and headlined at The Wave Gothic Treffen – the biggest Gothic Festival in Germany. It was this venture into the Gothic arena that first brought her to Thomas’s attention.

The fact that Ida could both write and sing was a key factor that led her to becoming the first hire of the rejuvenated Bare Infinity. Thomas went on to add the rest of the lineup consisting of Orlok Davis (Guitar – Coma curve), Simos Lantides (drums) and Nick Laskos (Bass guitar) all former members of the band Acolyde. “Race Of Destiny” was the first song recorded in 2014 as a single and was produced by Jacob Hansen renowned for his work with Amaranthe, Evergrey, Volbeat and Epica.

As you will hear, this band certainly sounds full of new life!