EKR – The Statistics

Since we began broadcasting on the internet, the EKR Network has served up close on 1.5 million listening hours!

The original service, the Rock Stream, accounts for just over half of this. However, our additional services have rapidly been adding a growing share since 2009 with the addition of our three WDJ streams: Gold, Retro and Now. The broad mix Rocky service was added in the Autumn of 2010. Our newest “baby”, the Ice Stream, was added in December 2011 and is already achieving over 5,000 hours a month.

70% of listeners are living in Europe

We have been tuned into by listeners from more than 165 countries. As you might expect, EU member states account for some 70% of our audience but North America and Canada make up the majority of the rest.


Audience age profile 25 to 54

According to our Facebook profiling of friends, 60% of our audience is between 25 and 54 and is slightly skewed (by about 10%) to male listeners. Our new SmartPhone Apps are now being downloaded at approximately 100 units per month.

Listening experience better than DAB

The improvement of bandwidth around the world (on both landline and mobile phone) has dramatically changed the quality which our listeners enjoy on our original service – the Rock Stream (which has the most alternatives). Since 2011 the percentage of listeners connecting to our 128 kbps stream has increased from 60% to 87%. At 128 kbps the Rock Stream boasts superior quality listening to ANY DAB rock service in the UK. The number of listeners using our low bit rate 24 kbps stream is now miniscule, whereas listeners to our highest quality 192 kbps stream has increased from virtually nothing to around 3% over the last couple of years which we anticipate will rise further during 2014.The Rock Stream is also now experimenting with a new 320 kbps stream.


Average listening time per listener is just over an hour per day

Our main Rock Stream web site attracts over 300,000 hits (approximately 2,000 unique visitors) who view around 200,000 pages every month.

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