Advertising and Sponsorship Rate Card

Set out below is our rate card, showing on-air advertising costs per slot and total for a 3 week 99 slot campaign, as well as the costs for our popular webverts (also for a 3 week campaign period). See the notes below the table about production costs. 


StationOn-air SpotsWebvertPrice per spotTOTALNo. WeeksProduction

Ice Stream99no£0.40£39.603Voice + SFX or music included


Webverts appear throughout the website for the period that the campaign runs for, usually on the home page.

Webvert (160px x160px)£39.603Webvert production £45
Double (160px x 332px)£69.203as above
Half (160px x 74px)£26.203as above
Solus webvert - top right, same advert on every page (160px x 100px)£79.203as above
Player webvert (320px x 74px), changes once every 60 seconds)£79.203as above


Choose from 2 slots per hour, 24/7, charged by the week (336 slots per week), or sponsor individual shows charged per spot.

Price per slot1 weekShow sponsorship
Ice Stream only£0.40£134.00

Discounts and Premiums

Series discounts are available for on-air advertising bookings for periods longer than 3 weeks. Premium charges are incurred for any on-air or webverts booked for periods shorter than 3 weeks.

<3 weeks3 weeks6 weeks9 weeks12 weeks
On-air advertising+15% premium0%2.5%5%7.5%
Webverts (All in one package only)+15% premium0%2.5%5%7.5% and Free production

On-Air Advert Production included

The cost for the production of your on-air advert is included – on the basis of either having voice over and sound effects, or voice over and music. We can also assist with writing scripts and other creative services for additional fees.

Webverts production excluded

You are welcome to provide your own artwork for the webverts free of charge, but if you need us to create the artwork we will make a minimum charge of £45.

3 week Campaign Period

All advertising campaigns are for a period of three weeks. This is based on our extensive experience within the trade for reaching peak performance in on-air advertising.

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