We have often joked that all the proceeds from our shop get spent on partying, loose women and fast cars. The real truth of the matter is that all profits help to keep The Ice Stream on the air. As a small independent radio station we are naturally keen to bring you the best in rock music as music enthusiasts. But, as in most things in life, it costs a considerable amount of money to run The Ice Stream and without your support it would simply not be possible. Every penny helps and we thank you for doing your bit!

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    Yup we’re begging for your cash
    Seriously though, The Rock Stream runs mostly on the fresh air and promises – it’s not all late night parties no matter what we say. The hard truth is that to keep broadcasting it takes a world of effort from our volunteers, DJs and tecky folks, most of whom do it purely for the love of music… but that kind of motivation is hard to find from our electricity, broadband, telephony, IT hardware and vodka suppliers so please give generously. Keep The Ice Stream online!

  • Rock Stream Membership

    • browse, listen and rate your favourite tracks
    • watch our YouTube video selections
    • listen to our Highest Quality Stream
    • access to our presented shows
    • plus other benefits including the imaginary sofa. 

  • Rock Stream Mug


    State your allegiance to the cause, be a proud supporter, be seen to be a fan. This mug is suitable for coffee and tea, hot chocolate and other hot drinks. At a push it can be used for spirits, wine and beer should you really want to!

  • New MP3 FM Transmitter


    Replacement for our USB transmitter (which is difficult to source at the moment and currently out of stock), this is an excellent alternative. Will transmit on a frequency of your choice on FM (87.5 to 108) via a 3.5mm jack. It also comes with a USB charger lead so can run off a PC with an audio jack close to an earphone jack and is designed so that it can also double up to plug into your mobile phone and run for approximately 2 hours without charging. The best news is that it is even cheaper than the earlier model we sold!