Symphonic Blast

Those you that have followed The Rock Stream over the years (in its many incarnations) will not be surprised that we have added “another” Symphonic Rock album to our current album playlist. What is different is that the latest and fourth album release from Diabulus Musica is something of a revelation.

“Dirge For The Archons” is a considerable leap forward for this Spanish band and we think it is their best yet – propelling them into the “A Class” of Symphonic bands alongside the likes of Nightwish and Epica. We have played their music before such as their hit song “Nocturnal Flowers” but their latest offerings hit a complete new level with a much broader range of songs, superior integration of orchestra and band, superb production and enticing riffs. Check out the 6 new songs we have added to our current playlist on The Rock Stream now!


Diabulus Musica was formed in Pamplona, Navarre in 2006 by Zuberoa Aznárez, Gorka Elso, Adrián Vallejo and Jorge Arca. Lead singer Zuberoa said in an interview that the main reason she founded Diabulus in Musica is because she needed an outlet for developing her own musical ideas.

Gorko Elso and Zuberoa Aznarea are the main conspirators of the band and they had to start virtually from scratch when the other band members quit in 2012. However, the latest line-up is proving to be the most cohesive yet.